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Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky “Waltz of The Flowers”





Ghostly ballerina
With the foresight of Athena
Somewhat forthright in demeanor
You restore sight unforeseen and I am keen to dream forever in your shade
As we sleepwalk through the never’s serenade


I am the light
Which reflects in thine gaze
The reprise of byways to a faraway place
Where I tend my amaze to your poise, frame and grace
In a dream within dream
Of most choice decorate
For herein we rejoice in the favour of fate’s rearrangement
Brocading its grateful persuasion
In corsets divorced from the flesh on our bones
As we dress to impress upon essence fresh glow
Should our vestures veto
Then we slow
Heel to toe
In a state of undress
Omnipresent disrobed


From flawless allégro
To tense arabesque
In both blanc and negro
Windswept pírouette
Not a feather unkempt
In together spray spread
On the wings of a dove
Not a tinge of regret
Yet bleeding deep red symphony abreast one clinging breath


Willow leaves ease through the billowing breeze
At your feet as you piqué
With risqué mystique
C’est magnifique!
Say the crowd on their feet
In upstanding ovation
Of stainless technique
My porcelain heart canst do little but weep
At a masterpiece vigil to craft as it sleeps
One frameless piece of fine art
That of She
The most electrifying tapestry


The auditorium falls silent
As the velvet rope is freed
It is then every night
That I wake from the dream
While my eyes acclimatize
I feel a feather glance my cheek
And remember every finger turn
That yearned for an eternity of She
The famous
Lady of the lake






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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