Blackwood is part of The Tall Trees Trilogy, also featuring companion pieces, Redwood and Wildwood.



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I walk barefoot
Through the scrapbook
Through the heart of blackwood trees
Despite the snag of snap hooks
Feel remarkably at ease
With a matchbook in my palm
I warm my hands against the breeze
And sketch a memorandum pathway through the leaves


Precious few would see me true
Yet, this was all it took for me to kick off socks and shoes and wade the deep
Down here by the stream
There breathes an innate sense of calm
The likes of which bewitch attentive glean
The river runs both sides between
From here to there
Reprising theme
I close my eyes
To prize this scene
Beneath lit skies of guidance keen
Seen fit to rise
Equipped for flight
I tiptoe to the pillow fight
Awaken in betide of bindless dream


I walk barefoot
Through ten thousand acre wood
With good vibrations from the pads back to my knees
The burden of uncertainty is certainly foreseen
Yet, I am certain it’s a murmur long preferred as distant beat
Besides, I feel so light
As I stride heartily
Remarkably at ease
With a matchbook in my palm
I warm my hands against the breeze
And sketch a memorandum halfway through the leaves
As barefoot as the days we played in shade of blackwood trees
In the scrapbook
Aptly titled
He and She




Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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  1. THIS IS STRENGTH ⚔ My favourite trilogy and being something as personal as a tree and this piece’s river, my Lord how my imagination explodes! This definitely needs to be included in your next publication. A book of trilogies would be divine!!

    1. Thank you, Mouse. I have really enjoyed writing trilogies and may well release more as they come to me. I love that your imagination explodes reading this, such as mine did when conceiving it. Thank you for being a rock of support, whatever the weather. It means the world and more to me.

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