Wildwood is part of The Tall Trees Trilogy, also featuring companion pieces, Blackwood and Redwood.



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Tall trees
In the dawn breeze
Waking from withdrawn years sleeping
Holding onto Autumn’s secret
Doting on the spring
Going long and far and wide
Through hopeful frond so often dyed
To bask beneath the softened light
Whereby the songbirds sing


Shrill is the trill of the willful passerine
Its majesty elaborately themed
Dazzling its feathers to the badgers in their dene
As it canvasses the most chromatic dream
Wet wood seeps its sweet sap in enrapture of the scene
For nature preens its stature
Wild and free
Nothing manufactured
As it bares its easing fractures
While declaring fair contracture of this dream


Tall trees
In mid afternoon
Delighting in the height of bloom
The fine perfume of flighted view
Through day
To night
Yet ever in-between
Wed to every tether
This regenerative plume
Resumes each echo foreseen elevated scene


Feverishly bees retrieve the runniest honey
Most eager to please
While cottontail bunnies
Of deep gullies
As they hop, skip and leap
On the steep of the breeze
Swans upon the golden ponds abscond unequal reeds
To prize the handsome sight of butterflies esteemed
Fearless field mice buff their fur
Just enough to scuff their knees
Pure love is all about them as they scurry to the cheese
With the encouragement of He and She
To flourish
At great ease
With impassioned dash of courage hoarded
Courted by the trees


Tall trees
At sundown
Renowned in surround
Of unbounded grounds profoundly now perceived
Night owls conceived from the threads of belief
Turn their heads to guess the secrets of the breeze
And the raven
Nary craven
Thus declares this haven safe as it narrates unbreaking gaze to ceaseless dream
Such is simply nature
Wild and free
Famed by its creators
He and She




Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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  1. “Fearless field mice buff their fur
    Just enough to scuff their knees
    Pure love is all about them as they scurry to the cheese”

    This is incredible Lion!!!

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