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Federale “All The Colours of the Dark”





I see colour
Outside of the lines
Off the page
Yet I dream waking life
Black and white
All the same
In celluloid gray
I remain
To this day
As I wait upon the platform
For a runaway train


Pain has been my compeer
My companion
When abandoned
Understanding the expansion of a mind denied its standing
My entire life imagined
Seemed the worst thing that could happen
At my chamber door a rapping
Then impassioned my awaken
My heart was racing hard
Thus I could hardly be mistaken
And besides
The night was dead
And my bed vacant


I stood naked
In the face of fate
Felt by and large unshaken
Fell silent
In the moment
To compose a potent statement
Death only suggested of my own association
I was loathed to lend perspective to such odious arrangement
So I stepped down
From my podium
Of copious containment
In repose of fate’s estrangement
Thence became


I see lines
Outside of the frame
Off the page
Yet I dream waking life
All the same
In monochrome slides
I remain
To this day
As I wave off at the platform
Yet another day’s train


Think I might just stay here
If it’s really
All the same
Maybe I could make a name here
Should sincerely
I remain
In a sea of changing faces
There exist remaining traces
Of a race exchanging labour for a taste of waking life
No black and white divide
Where I remain
And I might just wake for life here
If it’s really
All the same






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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