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Richard Wagner “Ride of The Valkyries”





Thy wings
Singed of virtuous flame
Are a thing of great beauty
The shield of famed maiden


Thunder rides the blackened skies
Beneath which battlements subside
Dismantled by the tide of war
The chaos of pedantic minds
Frantic pleas
Derived from plight
Of messianic dreams
Knighted by the blade
Of uninvited
And estranged
From sighted claim of high society
Arraigned on grounds of major impropriety
Thence, virulently blighted


Slighted eyes
Blinded by the hatred of persuasion
To arrange ill-timed demises
In the name of indignation
Fighting flame with flame
While disinclined to elevation
Thus endangering survival of a nation
Bound in chains


The night that day became
Thy wings delighted in the flight of highness claimed
As you decided fates of every titan slain
Thine eyes confide the gaze of native right
To favour life
Through death’s arrival
Thus, entitle rise to higher plain


Undefined by prior claim
Unfazed by title celebrated
Guided by the eye of raven
E’er reliant
Ne’er one time miseducated
Every ruling just
Fallen braves embosomed in the fragrance of thine bust
Reaching into wounds agape
Wherein the blade be thrust
To favour those with hearts owed to atonement
And entrust


To Valhalla
The chosen
Forever remain
For their valour
Reposed in unchanging terrain
Thy lips
Singed of virtuous flame
Are obliged proclaim most softly whence unspoken
I kiss thy feet
For kind decree
Before thee
Kneel with pliancy
To rise astride the war bride
And fulfill thy will most stridently
Thy wings
Singed of virtuous flame
Are my birthright to the night that day became
Preferred site for eternity’s remain






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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