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The Beloved “The Sun Rising”





I would sever the skies
So together we’d fly
I would part the dead seas
To dive deep in thine eyes
Would remain here in silence
To seek divine guidance
Reliant on twilight to bleed the sunrise
Should the prize be to see thee delight


I would tear off my pelt
As a feast for the flies
To propel myself higher and sweep through the skies
I would deepen my scars
As a keepsake to charm
Every star underneath which my heartbeat confides
The secret of a love that never dies
Through each season passing
To seat thee beside
And repeat the one eternity recurring to return me to my bride


Silence steeps the air declared of ever rising tide
Wading ageless waves too fair to ever break my stride
Violent seas are thence appeased
To venerate a dynasty
Of elevated primacy
To celebrated spire


I would forego sight to heighten every sense aside
So together destinies be twined
Nevermore suggestive of demise
For everlong prolonged is honorably bested in reprise
I would tether in bind
Every breath counter-signed
To such heady incline
By centenaries of interweaving flight
Repeat the one eternity
That echoed sweet recurringly
Returning me to seat my bride beside
So together we’d see the skies rise
And remember every star that ever died
With endeavour thence to breathe it back to life






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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