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Do As Infinity “Raven (Instrumental)”






As certain as the raven perches
On the boughs of swaying birches
Swifter than a maiden curtsies
Or a twisting path diverges
I would spurn ten thousand dirges
To return to grace
Preferred of breaking curse
Of very many verses aged
To learn from every burden disengaged


Such great weight
I bear upon shoulders
To march not with soldiers
But hearten with braves
Certain in the gaze of my beholders
With the onus on determining the ever burning flame


Eye of raven
Thine persuasion
Speaks in tongue of twined narration
Holy bird of consternation
Perched atop the comfort station
Undeterred in forthward facing
Unconcerned with awkward placing
Whence observed as blood relation
Celebrated for its punctuation


True are the feathers of tethering plume
Duly dissevered to weather the gloom
Bled through the never
To revel anew
At the heavenly sight of entitlement bloomed
Each recital unbridled of rightful costume
For every nightfall
And unforeseen skyfall
It basks in the light of the moon


Sentient to fate impending
Resolute in faith unbending
Lending ear to cavaliers
In favour of more graceful ending
Eye of raven
Gaze unending
Highlights each pathway ascending
Comprehending higher ground
To claim profoundly thence transcending


Preferred to the murder of crows to the left
This bird bears the mark of each heart in arrest
Abreast of each labour
Reflective of nature
Collective of every destiny savoured
In changeless name of everlasting quest
As certain as the raven perches
Mighty be its crest






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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