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One delicate kiss
The lingering spritz
Of whispering bliss
To my tingling lips
As the sand martins chirrup
My heart turns to syrup
Intermingling amidst the reminisce of harp strings fingered
While the lark and the kingbird
Face windward unhindered
And invert their wingtips
To curtsy the mystics
Concur with one delicate kiss
Reaffirmed by the light which exists


Fingertips to fingertips
Pulsing wrist to wrist
To shift dear liquids clear of thrift
Frontier the continental drift
Thence disappear into the mist
To pioneer a brisk airlift
With span of transatlantic swift
And redefine romantic myth
Of steepened flight


Gliding fair skies realized
By sheer size as they give rise to the twin spires of reprise to sightless scene
Blind eyes with the insight to foresee
A theme redeemed from the abiding tide of centuries
Adventurously preened
For every feather of forever tethers readily to breed
Through reverie
Togetherly it heeds
For one delicate kiss
To never cease
Tis no more elegant a wish
Than to proceed


Skin to skin
Herein to bleed
To dig in deep and interleave
To mesh the flesh of seed caressed
Abreast of courage thence addressed
To see undressed the petals blessed to nourish in unfurl
Bid them flourish as they twirl
And thus encourage gleam of pearl


One delicate kiss
And my lips curl to delight the taste
Resistant to the slightest taint
A vision stained in fine white lace
In excess of existential
Charmed of grace
Palm to palm
Forever ornamental
Face to face
Bookend hearts
Forevermore embrace






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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