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Emancipator “Eve”





In the blink of an eye
My whole life passed me by
In another
Felt encouragement to understanding why
With the courage I had summoned
I recovered that which governed the discovery and custody of unencumbered sight


In a moment
Made atonement for a lifelong lack of focus
And no longer felt encroachment
As I stonewalled my postponement
Placing onus on the bonus of outgrowing my components
With the boldness then to set all self condolences aside


In the beat of a heart
I became a piece of art
While every vein I entertained was bravely teased apart
Such wilderness campaign
Felt more humane as I reclaimed the reddest berries from my very deepest part


In a second
I was beckoned to the lessen of my plight
Ever destined to be weaponed
Yet no reckoning to fight
The embellishment of armor
Through replenishment of ardor
To the heavens of nirvana
In the deadened tread of night
Nevermore to leaven bread so hesitant to rise


In caress of deathly blight
I learned the lesson of reprise
Through the never
I endeavoured then to tether weathered ties
My severance was never less than measured in my stride
From the essence I remembered with the tremble of admire


In the wake of fall
I graced the call of reawaken
And all about me
Sprawled devoutly
Thus endowed persuasion
To be claimant of prepayment
For a lifetime of estrangement
Had endangered course to fame endorsement stoutly
Roused me from befallen flame
With no remain of undulate to doubt me
Under no great weight of expectation
For awaiting at the veil gate
Were the faces of a nation


In the blink of an eye
My whole life came to light
In another
The encouragement of day became of night
And Lovers
As below
So glow above us
Whether Sisters
Coloured Black or White
We are Chosen
And with grace
We rise






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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1 Comment

  1. This is beautiful and I felt similar feelings after watching Wild last night (we both thank you for the recommendation!). I’m still in a state of shock in all honesty and hope to write about the incredible release I felt within. We’ve all been exorcised of much as we each watched her journey.

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