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Lana Del Ray “Blue Jeans (Instrumental)”





aged 45 crackles atop a vintage gramophone
as its dusty stylus grapples with the vinyl grooves
and finds its tone


my heartbeat quickens
inhibitions fritter at my feet
for mine is proposition
unequivocally unique
the rhythm of intrigue
is my provision to proceed
as i deliberately bleed
to see the visionary freed


originally leased
my words portray my great release
while slurred
they tame the playful breeze
aflame they blaze the naked trees
i glance across the maple creek
to tall grass glossed in hazel green
and become lost within a melody
with ever graceful ease


conductor of a symphony
that’s principally my own
all of me there’s ever been
in every keynote tone
knowing tempo ebbs and flows
to lend crescendo incandescent glow
the centerpiece memento
of my convalescent soul


with the essence of the fragrant
and the cadence of a tenor
i find blessèd most arrangement
with the patience for forever
nevermore to ooze displeasure
from the veins of tuneless sever
i see bloom strewn far and wide
and through my art confide the musings of each lifetime at precise time i remember
With wind chimes as my guide
i glide through literary shrine
to be the visionary nary passed preliminary design
to be the missionary
fair of face
and graceful as a child


waltzing the skies into ribbons
forgiven for the cautious mind driven to imprison my ambition
every line official
as i fish it from a fissure
to deliver the most riveting rendition
i can muster
to illicit brilliant luster
while the bittersweet winds bluster
to entrust the deeds considered
deep of wonderment and brave
of ever grateful please
and graceful ease
i tease each vein apart
deliberately bleed my heart
in light of final phase


the final act
as vinyl crackles reenact
the closure of a prelude
full exposure to a famed view
the next chapter
of a life of rapture debuted
as a child
to be continued
as i bleed from every sinew
in reprise
and sing to you
this interlude of mine
conducting timely symphony
to breathe a dream to life






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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