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Emancipator “Afterglow”





We are the architects
The blueprints our own
And every starlight cross connects
To lead astutely home
Whether dreams will manifest
No one soul truly knows
Yet still we are the silhouettes
Of every jewel we sow


There are diamonds in our eyes
Which light the skies each time we glow
Horizons yet to prize
And senses heightened to disclose
Smile lines to grow wildly
I love yous to be spoke kindly
And then once our eyes close tightly
Universes yet to roam


Futures need not be so set in stone
Or overthrown
Should we approve pursuit of the unknown
Toss away the rule book
Care not what statistics show
Be optimistic
Please the mystics
And believe the hieroglyphics


Specifics may be cryptic
And we may well blink and miss them
But our hearts will lead us calmly
Down the path of least resistance
Once we give them our permission
To advance
And watch the night skies glisten as we dance


Pessimism is an ism
Thus effectively a prison
All effects and kept provisions
Are impersonal at best
Eternal the regrets of those who show no indecision
When they sneer with queer derision
At the hope which hope begets


The open road
Each stone we tread
Composes poem not yet read
Of rosé wine and broken bread
Quicksilver pines and golden thread
Each potent threat an open cheque
To sign away our total debt
And better yet
A tree to sketch
When tears of leafed motif be shed


The chandeliers of light years sped
When we are clearly architects
Once we sincerely cross connect
Each starlight we enthrone
Which sparkles in our eyes
Just like a diamond
Leads us home
Whether dreams will manifest
No one soul needs to know
For we can see the silhouettes
Of every jewel which glows






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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  1. “Pessimism is an ism”, now that I needed to hear. And I love:
    “Be optimistic
    Please the mystics
    And believe the hieroglyphics”
    Wonderfully encouraging from rhythmic start to applause. Your heart pounds out greart rhythm!

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