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Emancipator “First Snow”





I have a theory
Sincerely I do
I have a query
Indeed, I have two
Don’t think it eerie
If my eyes grow teary
For I can see clearly
Through eyes shining blue


Dearly departed
Those in my clear view
Willingly guarded
By harvested moon
Evermore the guardians
Of flawless pericardium
Sworn to oath
In soaring hope
Afloat in darkened blue


Racing to the far flung sun
While harnessing the moon
Chasing stars that come undone
To varnish them anew
I have a theory
Sincerely I do
That when my eyes grow teary
They’re crystalline through
I have a query
Indeed, I have two
Do you see me
Pray Tell
And if so
Well then however is the view


Nearly didn’t make it
To my sacred reawakening
Too much time stargazing
When I needed to be chasing them
Heeded each deceitful demon
Merely by embracing them
For shadows of the heart would chart safe place for them
And I would sooner celebrate their brave
Than lay to waste with them


I have a theory
Sincerely I do
That bleary eyes shine when dressed crystalline blue
With dearly departed
My heart owed unto
Know both of the toll
And the ultimate truth
Of fable untold
Of the bold and courageous
Extolled for their grace
In uphold of arrangement
The souls in our keep
Of the sweetest persuasion
Grey wolves and the all-seeing ravens
Those who know death
And attest to its decree
Yet nevermore implore last breath
To tend an end to destiny


I have a theory
Sincerely I do
That clearest skies
Arise once we rise breathlessly
And prize the flight ascendancy
The vibrance of transcendency
Inside us
To no ends
When we extend our best legs lengthily
And stride onward relentlessly
In grace
With faith
In what we do
Pray tell
To fare well
Reawakening to youth






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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