Plain As Day




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take me out of context
if you will
i don’t belong there
for what i care to share
has no great bearing on my mood
please don’t think me rude
as such is never my intention
nothing i create relates to tension and disquietude


don’t mean to intrude
there’s nothing here to misconstrue
for while views may well be my own
there’s little bitter to my tone
would not belittle those i know
releasing spittle as i flow
there is no brittle undertow
to what i riddle as i go


should i write something melancholic
doesn’t mean i’m seeking tonic
should i paint a waspish scene
then doesn’t need be vitriolic
should my verses be romantic
doesn’t make me set to frolic
just a man as open-handed as i’m honest


whatever the day’s theme
i am as calm as i’m serene
feel just as charmed to breathe the air of chance
as keen to lead a fair advance
my bleeding heart i prise apart to preconceive the seeds of art
guess that’s just the way this dreamer dreams


we need to feel
before we heal
and i’m the first to see revealed
the hurts we face and bitter pills we swallow
fed against our will
while any sorrow on the page
is gone tomorrow
by the way
thus i feel honoured to remain
the same way facing
plain as day


i am a gentle lion brave
with monumental wealth to say
and not a syllable of such be bled in vain
no bad blood bubbles in my veins
i stand untroubled in my gaze
a noble soul of oath unchanging
to remain the same way facing
reawakening to nature
plain as day






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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  1. Beautiful artwork and words that have given me a little nudge to remember the most important thing in writing: context!
    My impulsive thoughts backfire at times and then I’m left cringing. Been this way since I was born and so, am still learning.
    Thank you for the reminder that moods vary, prose varies but does not necessarily represent actual reality 🎭

    1. Thank you for always taking the journey with me in faith. Context is one of the greatest bugbears of an artist, particularly when we have a social presence. I wrote Come Darkness when I was gloriously happy and Daisies Into Chains when I felt desperately sad. Likewise, I have written love poems when heartbroken. Like you, I’m still learning and that is a blessing. But I still worry about how certain pieces will be construed by those who read and wished to address that. You know me and know that I only have one primary setting – happy. But to others who haven’t met me, it may seem that my emotions are up and down and all over the place. In fact, I’ve struck a balance, and while my art touches unerringly on real feelings, it seldom ever represents my feelings at the time of conception.

      Thank you for seeing me always. And I love that this resonated with you.

      1. I “got you” from the outset and highly likely because we both share varying extremes of mood in our writing or social media activities but are feeling the far opposite of the piece. Opening up each chamber of our heart is a way to share thoughts rather than saying blatant actions. I had terrible misconceptions on Twitter and hence why here have tried to utilise disclaimers. Razor Blades Set Me Free was written whilst in an upbeat mood sat listening to music. I rarely misunderstand you and if I do, I re-read beneath the tree 🌳

      2. I would go as far as saying that you never misunderstand me. Not once have my words been seen for anything other than what they are. You are the only person who has continued reading, liking, and commenting on my posts, even though I am dreadful at responding. You never judge me for what I wrote. In short, you know my soul. And trust it. That shows true character. Ever so grateful for our friendship. Unconditional. Always.

        Here’s something you may not know. I would have given up writing long ago, had it not been for your unchanging support and belief. Thank you. Truly.

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