Lend Me An Ear, Vincent




Title art by Aldyn Alexander. Closing art by Jonathan Redmayne. Click images to visit their studios.



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It’s ludicrous
How many lives we lead
How many times we bleed
Like Junipers
Our leaves are evergreen
The best of us was kept from us
To hide while we go seek
Assuring our remembrance
For around this time next week


Thank goodness then the future ain’t so bleak
At least, it needn’t be
Once we learn to suture veins of leaves beneath red cedar trees
Bled of reasons seasons need dictate the way we’re feeling
Under oath to favour growth where nature knows no ceiling
Some freewheel
Each token of goodwill from us
Others huddle close
And are more open to reveal to us


To the former
We’re fools
To the latter
We matter
Valid in batting her up to play catcher
No need to know quite so lowly a stature
With oceans devoted to healing us


It’s beauteous
How many of us breathe
The studious
The strayed
The brave
The meek
The universe is grooming us
To seek the secret room in us
Assuring ceaseless jubilance
Where futures ain’t so bleak
In our keep
An ancient key
For eyes too wide for vacancy
Too graceful for complacency
E’er faithful to the waking dream
Painting the most tasteful scene
Like Junipers
Forever seen
Where nature knows no ceiling
And evergreen






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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    1. This was a funny one as I watched At Eternity’s Gate with Willem Defoe and think Van Gogh may have had a finger in me. For a week I carried the seed that birthed this and I like to think it mimics his brush strokes in some way. Everything in one motion. So glad you had fun with this Mouse. 🛡

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