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Breathless Native is performance art and it is my wish for it to be enjoyed free of time-related context, the exact way it was conceived.



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Lost Years “Breeze”





On the stairwell I thresh
Bid farewell to the flesh
May not fare well
Unless I find peace
My whole life has refreshed
In a second or less
And yet nevertheless
I blind leap


Deep into the membrane
Free of stress strain
In immense chain lesser men strain to contain
for this equates to major feat
While they take a seat
I seek the best way to proceed
Unseen of operations ceased
Set free from many acres leased
Unleash regenerative gene
Agreed accelerated beam
Showpiece a decorative theme
And time my leap


In my keep
A deeper understanding of the dreams I have a hand in
Notwithstanding unplanned break of waking sleep
Thus expanding the horizons
I have eyes on as I thrive on the reprise of sight aligned to famed esteem
My heart a work of artistry that may verge on a masterpiece
Each artery free rein to named trustee
Bleeding from the veins which I recede within to claim the intravenous arrangement of perpetuating data stream
Waited ever patiently to grace the plains of Eden
Break the chains debating freedom
Make the changes
Face the demon
Be seen eased to be believed in
Take a blazing leap


Bid farewell to the flesh
At peace
Hold my breath
Fare well
And natively






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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