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Led Zeppelin “Stairway To Heaven”

i met her on the upstair
halfway tween the here and there
forget how i got up there
neither do i really care
for ne’er had a black eagle dared
to soar the skies and prize the air
with enterprise and debonair
the likes of which we shared

off the stopwatch
a great many would deem hogwash
yet it set a top notch scene
at the ravine
she was dressed in evergreen
such blessèd sight i’d never seen
arrested eyes were mine
as i attested to each breath less deep

my heart
it beat
so fast
the artist in me started weeping
as i remarked on best of me
suggesting we should make a date with destiny
and nothing less than keep it
childlike at the streams
a minor trail hike in our dreams
where we scale heights so seldom seen
much less believed
the daylight in our pale night
bared us free
and thence we shared a blessing neath the tree

undressed of contest
we requested full leave of our senses
to drench in the feeling
dig trenches so deep they led directly to the ceiling
indeed have never been so keen revealing
all of me there’s ever been
one vintage love in evergreen
a date with fate
though less extreme
forever wed to destiny
every flamed vein blazing
at some place only childlike eyes believe in

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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