These Needful Deeds

These Needful Deeds is performance art and it is my wish for it to be enjoyed free of time-related context, the precise way it was conceived.

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don’t need to be cruel to be kind
don’t need to love tough to say enough and draw the line
don’t need to see what’s trending
to locate the means for venting
don’t need to second guess ourselves
and be so unrelenting all the time

don’t need to circumvent the question fearful of dissenting
don’t need to bleed out needlessly with intervening stent in
don’t need to be so heedless when our deepest dreams seem pending
don’t need to understand to comprehend them

don’t need to be so underhand when undermanned and vexed
don’t need to gain the upper hand
to leave our peers perplexed
don’t need the interference of ridiculous suggestion
tears are any less than blessèd freely shed
don’t need to hide our eyes when crying
bide our time from seed to dying
feel aggrieved that life’s unfair
when it appears unedifying
be so easy testifying disbelief at every turn
mankind as a collective needs to learn

we need to feel affected
overseen unique perspective
seek the dream believed to be unreachable and best it
vest our interests some place less repeatable digested
some place we are needful of no query to see ceaselessly protected


need to breathe
when deemed to be
predestined irredeemably
don’t need to read between the lines
to steep pines uncontested on the face of it
need to stand the test of time and space to make a break for it
need a dream electrified to wake from it
learn to love the skin we’re in
for deep within
we’re all completely naked
indeed this is the way we are created
with wide eyes prizing sweet scene
and sound reason to embrace it



Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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