Trooping The Colour

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Black Sabbath “War Pigs”

Trooping the colour
Of regiment famed
300 braves
Not a one shallow grave
True, real, sincere
To the sediment grain
Crystalline clear
In each resonant wave
Carpe Diem
With intent
To seize the day
Trooping the colour
Of regiment famed

Rallying points
In a shield like formation
Vanishing points
For ten thousand strong army they’re facing
Laborsaving dedication
To a cause endorsed great veneration
This is
One nation
Neath eye of the Raven
Dining in hell
To tell heaven’s narration
Glory in sacrifice
Grace in last breath
For destiny grants them
A Beautiful Death
Even whence tunics be brutally cleft
Dutiful owed to unmovable mesh

While great many braves return home on their shields
Burning their bones only hastens the yield
Builds a new army
Full blooded and hearted
Advancing to arm gravitation field
Fighting in shade
Whence the red sun is blotted
Rightfully claimed every steel arrow dropping

One shield
300 braves
A sea of scars
No brave forgotten
Hearts unchained
With wide eyes glazed
Neath the raven’s mighty gaze
Trooping the colour
Of regiment famed
300 remembered the day

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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    1. Been too long since I wrote a Spartan verse and I love the way parallels run between their existence and our own. Aside from being unforgiving with their young when training them to become warriors, I’m on-board with most of their values. And I love recreating the beauty of the battlefield through prose. Also, I’ve never used War Pigs as audio and it’s a great damn song.

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