Bombs Away

Bombs Away was written in April 2018 and has remained unpublished until now.

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Public Enemy “The Edge of Panic”

Can anyone else hear faint ticking
Fuck it, guns loaded, I’m sticking
Heart on my sleeve and its beat is irregular
Never off-key as I’m the ever the gentleman
Looking for saints, then you’ll find one right here
Not the most holy though, making that clear in abundance
I’ve done some shit, not been forgiven
Mistook the good book, that’s not how I’m living
Willing and able, a little unstable perhaps
But with all of my cards on the table

Taking the lead and extending the cable
I’m going the length, wearing proudly my label
Making my peace with the fact that I’m crazy
Kicking the can as I ghost in like Swayze
Came far too quick and was gone way too soon
Same shit to me, different day to come good
Have to come clean, never been to the hood
Was given directions but misunderstood
Coulda and shoulda, but not sure I woulda
Make no mistake, I am some way from Buddha

If you don’t know me, then get to the know
Dressed to impress as I ebb and I flow
Chasing the dragon straight back to its lair
Stick around, be glad to take you there
Dream or fucking nightmare, you decide
Come along in throng, enjoy the ride

Time bomb ticking, countdown started
5-4-3-2-1 the master plan
One controlled explosion later, 1-2-3-4-5 times the big bang
Terrorist or local hero
5-4-3-2-1 ground zero
Guess it’s all subjective, 1-2-3-4-5 star rating pending
Varying dependent on amount of interest vested
No ploys or cunning stunts, just one stunning cunt with blessed intention

No lies in these eyes, I am prized in the art of possession demonic
Sickness lived in some way deeper than skin and this plague embryonic
But here’s the thing you see, I feel the pulse
Indeed, my finger’s ever pressed down on it
May very well convulse, have tendency to projectile vomit
And should I puke a nuke, well then it’s truly been an honor goner

Not one to change the subject once we’re on it
That said, I do adore the tangent tango something chronic
If curiosity did kill the cat then why’s it curled up in my lap, pray tell
Not to be a pussy here but rub me the right way and I miaow
Lab results were inconclusive, in conclusion I deduced in half the time it took to sit the test and rack my mind for truths
No more hunting Red October, found that shit between my ears
Crimson tide of depth charges designed to blow the mind and double-back on tracks of tears

A perfect storm of mental porn for those who seek asylum
Come inside, I’ll cast aside your demons just to pass the time
File them under rainy day, while shooing bursting clouds away
Racing rats and cutting straight to chase
Facing facts from 5-4-3-2-1 to bombs away

If you don’t know me, then get to the know
Dressed to the nines and with some place to go
Chasing the dragon straight back to its lair
Go ahead, what say I meet you there
Saint or maybe sinner, you decide
Come along in throng, enjoy the ride

Hard to know much when there’s so much to learn
Blaze up my funds when there’s no cash to burn
Turning back time but know which way I’m facing
Methodical madness, inclined to embrace it
Who is to say that my years have been wasted
Had me a dream and at least I damn chased it
One man’s disgrace is another’s poker face and I’m all-in pre-flop as I play the damn table
Taking the lead to extend the LAN cable
Found me a wavelength and frequency stable
Time bomb still ticking but one click away from making a name of the man with no name
Now what do you say that we get to the play

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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    1. Thanks, Mouse. Wrote this in 2018 when I was on my rap vibe and never got around to releasing it. One day soon, I shall upload a reading for it, perhaps when dental pain is long gone and I can open my mouth properly.

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