From Winter To Spring

From Winter To Spring was written in March 2018 and has remained unpublished until now.

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Jimmy LaValle “Spring”

It was the longest, bleakest winter
My heart had ever known
This dilapidated chapel stood alone and overgrown
Heavy as a sinking stone
Seared down to the pinkest bones
Still right here
Yet, far away from any home I’d ever known

Loss comes to us all
There’s no escaping that reality
Swept away like leaves in fall
Pine beneath a velvet pall
We harbor grief beneath the shawl
Make protestation none shall break
Our confidentiality

Not easy applying rationale
When overthrown by sorrow
No slender feat to raise morale
When fate has made it plain
There’s no tomorrow

Begging for the borrow of the inner strength
To go the length
No amount of schooling
Can ever hope to educate the way
To entertain and cope with death

We must be strong
And nothing less
For those we deem in greater need
Of rescuing caress
For just how long
We dare not guess
It’s not that we could not care less
Just less inclined address each time that icy fingers press

In the darkest hour of mute distress
My thoughts were all I rumoured to possess
Of what I ailed
I could but guess
The pain became so desperate
That I could barely breathe for its duress

However, I pressed on regardless
To the shattering heart of dull ache
Walked the line
One last time
For old time’s sake

With swishing dress
Free-flowing tress
Amazing grace
And nothing less
These chains invited break

Fragments all about me
And considerably less than a second to waste
My telltale heart then cut straight to the chase
Looked me dead in the face
With switchblade raised
Cut away every artery and vein
Embraced this crippling pain
One last time
For old time’s sake
Then… let it go…

The pain
Not the songful echo
That reverberates
Indeed, I need no longer have it any other way
For I have found a place
Tucked away in keep of deepest soul’s embrace
Within which both shadow and light care to play

Here, day and night give and take
Love and pride renegotiate
Agree terms to disagree
While I learn how to feel again
Abstain from that preferring to play misty for me
Convincing me life remains a mystery to me

I live to bleed unstintingly
The losses I have suffered
And the sights I might have seen
Remain every bit as keen to repeat on me
But here’s the thing
You see, the moment I stared
Into the Orca’s glaring eye
Discerned divine reflection
Simply knew it was high time
To let go of the grief once cradled in my arms
Return it to the endless ocean charmed
That way they’ll forever be
A part of me

Once the puzzle of a lifetime had been solved
Any lingering blame either given or taken
Pardoned and absolved
Then the longest, bleakest winter
My heart had ever known
Had finally defiantly outgrown

And here’s the most beautiful thing
Suddenly, winter
Transitioned to spring

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. Really special words I hugged as I absorbed. Winter into spring and pain released into the ocean like a fish destined to swim them as far away as possible. Very precious piece 🛡⚔

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