Said Servant To Master

Said Servant To Master was written in November 2018 as a companion piece to Heel and has remained unpublished until now.

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Bite me
Excite me
I cordially invite thee to cut off my air supply, unfairly spite me
Choke me
Provoke me
Belittle me openly
Make me feel hopeless and broken down violently

Silently creep through my thoughts and replace them with all things disgracefully playful
Pull me aside and confide that my mind is inclined to endorse the unstable
Force me to play ball, enforce your own game rules
Making it known that you have no intention to play by the same rules
Bring back some memories, make them embrace all things painful
Call my worst enemies, then proceed mauling relentlessly guardian angels
Take my safe place and replace it with imminent danger
Don’t be a stranger to fazing me, hazing me, acting unsavory, downright degrading me
Fuck the chicanery, do that shit brazenly

Whip me
Chain me
Blindfold and cuff me
Calling my bluff when I say that’s enough as you teach me tough love and manhandle me roughly
Burn Roman candles and hot wax my chest
Call me a bad boy and make me confess
Insisting I make each address to my master
And should I displease, then do just as you please
Cease with the teasing and teach me a lesson
Each time I clench, commence fisting me harder

Offer me seat like a Fleet Street Barber
Reach for the switch blade tucked into your garter
Bleeding me dry just to get yourself wetter
Looking me deep in the eyes while reminding there’s no fucking chance you will let up
And heaven forbid you get hett up

Better the devil I know is known not to show mercy
Gluttons for punishment love to come clean when it means there are means to play dirty
Take me to task as I flirt with disaster to ask to be classed as deserving
Hurting for humiliation, worth it to run every risk of becoming your number one plaything
Minus lubrication to relieve myself of chafing
Furthering full and complete devastation

This is the part where I drop to my knees
Not permitted to cease until you’re appeased that I’ve licked your heels thoroughly clean
Strap-on ten inches, I do hope it pinches
As flinches aside, I am ever so keen for receipt of another thing coming to me
You will not find a servant more deserving of serving of punishment other than me
Wish me to heel?
Please do make that an order
I’m borderline crazy you see
Both bound and gagging to kneel at your feet

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. This is brilliant, really funny and brings out my inner minx.
    “as you teach me tough love” – leave out the tough love or I’ll become a tough love 🤣

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