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Emancipator “Lionheart (HumaNature Remix)”

Some way different from most
That’s just me
In the woods
I see nothing but trees
Understood I can flourish at ease
Will come good
When all others refuse to believe
If I could
Then I would
That’s just me

Should you tire of the same jaded scene
Feel dismayed as you fade on repeat
Disregard your pained heart as some way past its peak
Then I’ll give it a shake
That’s just me
Should it break
Then I’ll make no mistake as I braid it
With smile on my face as I weave
Another crocheted on my sleeve
Will not see your sweet dreams be conceded
Sooner see you succeed
That’s just me kid

Hide and I’ll kindly go seek
Do my darnedest and try not to peek
Cover my ears
As the floorboards make clear
That I’m warm over here
Near this creak
Speak not a word
When your feelings are hurt
Be the first to wipe tears from your cheek

You see
Knee deep in verse
I’m a tree
And the earth bears a virginal seed
Further to bleeding
Preferably feeding
Each felled leaf compelled at my feet
Know well
Of the secret we keep
Of the whispers adrift in the breeze
Of the mist which rolls in from the east
Of the distant lights guiding
Confiding in night
To hold on extra tight as you sleep
Shall lie right by your side
That’s just me
Some might say
Tis just the nature of the beast

From the magic faraway tree
To the heart of my darkness
Where light travels tween
Free of harness
Dancing cha-cha-cha
Through the streams
Feeling charmed from afar
When I’m seen
I believe there is a dream within a dream
To be achieved
And I am here to set the scene
That’s just me

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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    1. I see you right back. For always. Far longer. Thank you for seeing me, through vicious storms and unerringly. Blessed is the Lion.

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