Little Death

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Bruno Nicolai “La coda dello scorpione – Sequence 1”

As my flesh decayed
Then fell away
Her restless eyes didst nowise wellaway
Whichsoever way I bled
My longing veins upon She quenched
Forever kept
Thence wept myself awake

The empty bed
Felt warm beside me
Whispering of rivers cried me
As before me
So behind me
All I saw was She
No mortal coil to spoil the vista
Human foil to boil and blister
Even whence the cold soil gripped her corpse
Her thoughts were free

Led beside to lie in ruin
Death reprised of my own doing
Crept inside my bones
Tattooing chromosomes
Thereby renewing overtones of She
Her highness
Siren of the Sea
And as I died
The high tide guided me
To where devoured the light from me

Each little death
We met anew
I bled divine to wed her true
Fragile as December dew
My restless eyes didst nowise wellaway
For every time
My flesh decayed
It fell away in bloom
My concave heart
Forevermore her tomb

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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