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Jim Brickman “Angel Eyes”

Sat astride a baby grand piano
She hit the very peak of her soprano
The audience gave swift ovation
Marvelling her pitch and tone
Bewitched by symphony untold
Heel to toe in veneration
Standing in salute to She
Of boundless grace and dignity
Every patron last in elevation

My stringed heart on percussion
Matched the tempo of her stride
As She commenced to take a bow
I dressed precocious glow of pride
Childlike in my rapture
Of such motion, form and stature
My wide eyes glazed
Amazed by every single frame She captured

All gathering returned to seats
Uproar then fractured
Silence steeped
While in-between each crack She seeped
With ballerina poise
Bidding in angelic voice
For congregation to rejoice
The chords of hope
Refrain of dream
Invigorating fragrant streams
This had been a lengthy expedition
Yet, nowise was an end perceived to measureless rendition

Every breath a magnum opus
Breathlessly enamored
Thus I composed sonata to her heart
To decorate a masterpiece
Each artery a work of timeless art
Each beat a lost Picasso
Aptly died to see her highness
Sat astride a baby grand piano

Should this have proved my encore
Then death’s decree would lead repeat performance
For hearts in braid need never once lay dormant
My friend, the end
Would never dare extend such open ended invitation
As that of She of everlasting wealth of elevation
Sat astride a baby grand piano
She hit the very peak of her soprano

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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