So Perched The Raven

Title art by Lídia Vives

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Atop the gilded birdcage
Perched the raven
Its wings were torn
Its ancient curse long graven
Averse to light
It clung to shadow
Eye upon the hungry sparrow
Unsung as it succumbed to starvation

The raven
Nary craven
Was of eminent persuasion
Thus it swore an oath
No loathe to beg and borrow
For a crow left of the murder
Were a host of eggs to nurture
Well deserving of unswerving dedication

For a bird
Fettered to sorrow
It fared better with tomorrows
In remembrance of yesterdays
That led the way to better days ahead
Its vested gaze could raise the dead
To height of elevation
And the raven
Nary craven
Favour sped
Until regret of grave remainder fled

All malediction lifted
It felt gifted in reprise
The impetus had shifted
From the shadows back to light
For even on the blackest night
The moon illuminated placid flight
And the raven
Nary craven
Remained passive to the blight
For ne’er had it famed such emphatic sight

Atop the gilded birdcage
Perched the raven
In the name of faith divine
Its vested gaze unchanging
For all time

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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