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Goblin “Suspiria (Celesto & Bells)”

It was the late Middle Ages
When our pages bled together
I read her whilst awaiting execution
Together we were light and shade
In tether sheltered either way
With tongue of Christ
And Devil’s elocution

Dying in the season’s splendour
Eyes apace the brace of late November
Seizing sweet embrace
We fated nature with our kiss
The mist arose to gift a rose to bleed betwixt our lips
Whence bitter foes commenced dismiss
And plunged the twisted blade
The night became our mistress
And the plundered day was slain

Uneven the terrain
We interleaved
The cursèd earth beneath of nurture cleaved
Observed of further bleed
It nourished
Death’s address relief encouraged
Handsomely the leaves thence flourished
Wept recurrent scene

For nigh on seven centuries
Remembrance was themed
Unto the late November
Whence our temperance relieved
Transcendence of the flesh bereaved no blessèd sense beseiged
For our pages bled together in the stream

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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