I Dream in Vermilion

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John Carpenter “Hofner Dawn”

I marvel your grace
As you sparkle the stage
With remarkable poise
Undeniable range
The white noise—It fades
As your diamonds cut through
Every silence revised
Heretofore unassumed

Feel consumed by the air that you breathe—As you sweep
From the floorboards to rafters
With artful mystique
Feel enlightened to speak of horizons you brighten
Each time my heart skips to your beat

With regards
To the darkness
You harness
My highness
I’m high on its misted perfume
One kiss before dying
To bury me smiling
Is all that I wish to entomb
To have and to hold
Every shadow foretold
To behold a more fathomless view
With regards
To the darkness
You harness
My highness
It whispers unanimous truth

Magnanimous eyes
Tell a tale for all time
It’s a habit of mine
To pursue
So enamored am I
As I breach the high tide
That the night skies inhabit mine too

On the eve of black sabbath
I found you anew
And a bed of dead flowers thence bloomed
My flesh had been savaged
My bones cruelly ravaged
Yet still I bled ravishing hue

Each vermilion tear—Souvenir
To revere
Shed sincerely
With lavish ado
To dig deep unique passage unto
For it whispers extravagant truth
The most beautiful damage of you

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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