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Amnesia “Ecstasy”

I never doubted
There was more to life
Than mortal ties that bind
I never doubted
The importance lies
In gorgeous eyes
I never doubted
The enormous size
Of thoughts divine immortalized
I never doubted
Horses shied advance
For I dismounted
Placed my sword aside
And cauterized the scars
Of every score assigned the shoreline of my heart

I never doubted
That the end commended start
As I rerouted the direction of the stars
Affectionate remembrance seemed the best I could aspire to glance
Through spectacles comprised of slanted glass

I never doubted
As it led explicitly to chance
I never doubted
Each incision bled in tread to unequivocally enhance
I never doubted
Bred to outlive
Deep contusions
Better dress the ruins of the heart

I never doubted
Problems were solutions to be sought
I never found foregone conclusion
Constituted truth when overwrought
I never doubted
People change
Remained devout
To keep apace
For either way
They’d bleed the same
Cut short
Much sooner persevere than jeer each failed attempt and vent dissatisfaction
Much sooner wait than bolt the gate
Seek fault in traits and castigate
Exasperating any means of traction

I never doubted
Actions spoke more candidly than words
Although I never felt great urge to scream and shout
For I needed not be heard to make a sound
And I never doubted
How to be profound
May not gain a crowd
But I still bleed the same devout
That I was right to stand my ground and stick around

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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