The Faithful Heart

The Faithful Heart is a verse for anyone who may be struggling with their mental health. It was conceived, not from a dark place, but from a place of strength and resilience. And it is my wish that it empowers such within the reader/listener.

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Power Glove “Vengeance”

Not this time
Not without a fight
Not without a reason to rage hard into the night
Not without allegiance to a cause divorced impedance
With the credence of an eagle in full flight
Not without inviting every demon to the ball
Not without delighting the obscene to heed their call
Not without reciting every feeling they provoke
Not without abiding their slow hands each time they choke
Not without upstanding
Not without having a hand in understanding why they feel obliged to grope
Not without an open letter to the host who should know better
Not without the ghostly tether I felt way too close to sever
Not without same hell
Opposing leather
Not without reposing in the boneless altogether
Not without disclosing where the onus is seen focusing the zephyr
Not without the gusts of wind that bluster in the eaves
Not without entrusting reach to rusted autumn leaves
Not without desire to breach
The waves of brazen seas
Not without inspiring rising tides to sway appeased
Not without relying on good grace esteemed belief
Not without rephrasing each admittance of defeat
Not without a blade
Yet no persuasion to unsheathe
Not about parading each abrasion they have cleaved
Not without appraising eyes
The enterprise for gaining height
The altitude for tracing lines across the interlacing skies
Not without first flouting every rule that states I need to lay awake at night and wait for fate to shape me in its grave design
Not this time
With favour in decline
Not without this faithful heart of mine

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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    1. I love this comment and return to it regularly. Just a handful of words can mean a thousand, and this is the perfect example of such. I’m particularly proud of this piece, so there was a little fist pump when I first read your words. And one for each subsequent return. 💜

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