Quiet Place

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Kelpe “Maroon Bells”

Please do come in from the cold
Let the howling winds weaken their hold
Feel surrounded by untold serene
And at ease
As you breeze through the bluebells
With swelling esteem
If indeed I may be quite so bold
Pretty please
Do come in from the cold

I would feel more so appeased
Bestowing roses to your cheeks
For their knowing glow alone
Is my precocious sight to seek
Hereby released
The bitter seed
Embosomed ‘gainst thine will
The joys of end to misery
At liberty to feel
For silence doth reveal
The most apace with kind refrain
Racing heart be still whilst I explain

I know a place
Not far from here
A private space
To disappear
When pains appear too great to bear
And life feels no more here than there
A quiet place
With flowers fair
Where all that matters cares
Far and away
From the shrink of unsettle
Growing unscathed
In a bed of red nettles
Each scar emblazoned declaring its mettle
For bearing dead weight upon petals
The most precious metal could nary compare to the glare of more debonair skies
And if I may be quite so bold
As to swear fealty blind
The real estate
Hereby dictates no treaty to be signed

Please do remain
For all time
Let the cruelty faced fall away
Thus embracing the altered state faith interlined
Home is where the heart confides
The path to where fine art resides
Hereby in residual twine
Pretty please
Do remain for all time

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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