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Noir Deco “Sentient Love”

Hate is a four letter word
With no place in my vocabulary
Nothing left inflammatory
Entertained no adversaries
Favour better served

Need not play campaigner
For indignity of hurt
Tailor one’s behaviour
To the bigotry of slur
Spray disdain so liberally
Devastate the earth
Be so quick to flippantly concur
Malignancy belittling of worth

Bitter pills
Get lodged in throats
And choke us from within
Throw us in the deep end
More beknownst to sink than swim
Feeling hemmed in
E’er descending
Hate narrates of fate impending
Circumventing every breath
Bereft the faith to grace a favoured ending

Love is a four letter word
Which is best vested
And heard
Each heartbeat invested
Is star fleet protected
Refreshment to temper the hard wheat digested
Love is no less than majestic
And need not request to be earned

Often spurned
Or unrequited
Comes undone
When hung lopsided
Life is stunning
Once we find it
Done and done when hate declines it
Some debunk it
Others prize it
Bang the drum and testify it
Try it
You may feel inclined to like it
Make it stand the test of time
Abide it

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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    1. The rebirth is something special. That’s where the peace comes. Our hearts have no space for hate. It eats the love away. 🛡

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