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Bow Wow Wow “I Want Candy”

i Want it
i Want the fairytale and all that it proposes
i Want to drop the shawl and run wild through the roses
i Want to seek the deepest truth within and willfully expose it

i Want it
To traverse the path I’ve chosen
With the worth of brave returning interwoven
To defer the waves that change our pace when broken
To prefer the way our hearts parade when open
i Want it
Every i Love you unspoken
To be childlike in delivery and lifelike in its motion

i Want it
To embrace the hum of overrunning ocean
To see illumination coming
Cradle its devotion
To play among the sun rays spun
Delay the moon with sense of fun
And whence it cometh
Head to summit
Rummage through the stars becoming
Plummet to the depths of me
To resurrect complexity
Depressing me
Effectively unravel
i Want it
To stair trek the road less travelled

i Want it
To enrapture acts of kindness
Then and only then
Can we lend trend to the impression unexpected of eventual subsidence
Deficit spending is the be all to end all
Etching stencil lines with pencils pining
The line of sight to slight desensitizing
i Want it
Each electrified horizon

i Want it
Reenergized in eyes delighting sketch designs
That testify intensified incline
To see mankind survive the night
Outstay the moon with sense of fun
To play among the sun rays spun
And whence it cometh
Overrun the summit
i Want to make a fairytale
And set sail to become it
With a pocketful of pebbles and a rebel cause of courage
i Want it
Every braveheart to embark on artful flourish
For i Want to see a masterpiece encouraged

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. Nothing wrong with wanting it all and to drop my shawl and run amongst my favourite flowers would be divine. I can’t run, as you know, but there’s a positive energy about wanting. It can spur us on no matter what and help fulfill our dreams.

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