Widow’s Kiss

Closing art by Thomas Dodd. Click image to visit his studio.

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Jocelyn Pook “Masked Ball”

Dressed to kill
The spiderwoman violates her prey
Gossamer and ash exact sweet rapture of decay
Dextruous this vender of arachnid distemper
Janus-faced her brash embrace
Yet, unmatched in her splendour

Her bite is one long kiss goodnight
Tomorrows notwithstanding
The sorrows of her quarry
She no less than has a hand in
The hollows of her eyes delight the very flies she bids affright
Coals exposing blackest night
Never one time dappled light
Sat astride her victim
The tangled web she weaves then twists
To bind the wrists while priming lips
For one long kiss goodnight

Dressed to kill
The spiderwoman has me in her sights
Feel her toxins coursing through my veins and this delights
Tangled in her web
Intrigued to see my own demise
Drown my every sorrow in the hollows of her eyes

Yearning one long kiss goodnight
Forevermore, I’m spun
Just to taste her lips
I’m well prepared to come undone
Gossamer and ash declared
In rapture of decay ensnared
Captured in her black silk lair
I writhe and ache to face despair
Of impending fate, aware
Yet, I wear not affright
Would freely die ten thousand times
For one long kiss goodnight

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. I love the artwork and the choice of music but as I read the first few lines I had to stop. Memories of echoes past started to become noise again. This fly had to escape the widow’s kiss!

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