Brave The Leap

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Blackmill “Miracle”

It takes but a second
To make an impression
One gesture
Is all it requires
Need not our knees knock
Chests wheeze beneath breezeblocks
In ear shot to sheer drop from tapering spire

It takes but a second again
To inspire
Raise the stakes
To make plain
All to gain from the fire
Bare naked the flame
Set ablaze
In each vein
Reawakening native desire
To enable the faith to reach higher

By my reckoning
A second is excessive
To retire the need for stressing
Less to teach a timely lesson
On the reason we’re obsessing
Evanescence need not be so ever present a decree
Providing we perceive a blessing to redeem
For it takes but a split second to be seen
By my reckoning
One less to dress the scene

It may seem to take forever
Reaching some place made to measure
While endeavouring to venture gained
Through all terrain and weather
Nevermore at leisure
With the treasure in our keep
For pain far outweighs pleasure
When we breathe
It may seem to take forever
Reawakening from dream
Yet each breath bequeaths a second less asleep
It takes but a split second
Some way less than
By my reckoning
To nevermore say never
Brave the leap

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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