Her Pathless Belonging

By Sharon Lawson Sharon Unfiltered

Source: my phone’s wallpaper

She walks barefoot
Through a dewy mossy carpet
Her wavy hair glistening
Floaty dress torn on branches
Legs scratched by begging brambles
As they reached out “please stay!”

A smile adorns her face
Soft hands ignoring the dirt
Soiling from keen exploration
Of carefree keen adventures

Green eyes like emeralds
So spiritually aware
Conveyors of hope and love

She glances upwards
Sunshine kissing her freckles
Here she feels at one and free
Purposefully lost
In the wild and pathless forest

Their eyes, what are they looking for, white dress flutters the beat
Their song starting to make some sense, only if you’re listening

© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™

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