True. Real. Sincere. Crystalline.

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Emancipator “Afterglow”

True. Real. Sincere. Crystalline.
And never any less
Matters not the length or width or breadth of the address
Nothing to confess, I only stress to see enlightened every dream we acquiesce to set impressionable sights on

While the devil’s in the detail
There are heavens in the braille
Any curses dressed as blessings
Set to nevermore prevail
For a vessel’s not a vessel
Less endeavoured to set sail
Only seasoned whence we peek beneath red veil

Easterly of Eden
Due north of Valhalla
Southbound from treason
And westward to valor
All four bled seasons
Adhesive through grammar
Brave analgesic
Both sickle and hammer
Teasing the gristle to leaven gray matter

Yet never incomplete
Wide awake
Yet mindful that my life is but a dream
Tidal waves they thrash with eyes to dash about my feet
Yet still the lakes are silent
And the native streams serene
Still faith remains final that to great extremes
I’m seen

Scattering seeds
Cross the green fields of home
Practicing reap to emphatically sow
Travelling deep to the keep neath sheathed bones
Grappling darkness from each heart exposed
Party to senses perpetually glowed
True. Real. Sincere. Crystalline.
Adhering to a distal line
Of clearing midst the frisk of vines
Of some place ever blissful left to go

Way beyond the golden ponds
Absconding the between
Longing to belong here
Sat ashore
Near where I bleed
With truth
Whole truth
And nothing but the truth
To set me free
Perched beneath the oldest, wisest tree
Where faith remains archival that to famed extremes
I’m seen

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. The following lines really resonate with me:
    “For a vessel’s not a vessel
    Less endeavoured to set sail
    Only seasoned whence we peek beneath red veil”
    This seems to speak of truly being ourselves, truly reaching (for) our potential. Perhaps stepping out of our comfort zone, and shaking off thei past, to step into our true purpose. So easy to be satisfied with dry dock and not venture into the water. I’m still pondering the meaning of ‘red veil’; I feel there is a significance here I have not yet grasped. x

  2. “Practicing reap to emphatically sow”

    This is something I’m working really hard to strive. In many different ways. From others’ to my own wellbeing.

    You are seen 🌳

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