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Emancipator “Anthem”

Everything in life
Makes sense
Within the greater scheme of things
From pavement cracks to cedar springs
Latent tracks to leading strings
Everything in life
From ultramarathon to metre sprint
Has its place within the greater scheme of things

Every foot race that we run
Is good grace facing once begun
Gaining pace as we escape the need to heed the starter gun
Walking straight lines may be fine
To spy delay times just for fun
But where our fate lies who’s to say
The root decay which must become
Should rate of climb be greater than decline
Then we can redefine the skies with great aplomb
In the bare minimum of labour time

Every chamber of our minds
Relates to incubation time
Should we compartmentalize
Then labels may be favourable to cable ties
Everything in life
Is a reminder as to where the most famed fable lies
Within the greater scheme of things
Schematics on a table play poor second to the beckoning of faithful eyes
While blatant lies are reckoned for the lessening of crater size

Everything in life
Requires perspective
Irrespective of directive
Disaffected by the claims we see defective
Redirected to the native plains
Progress through vegetative phase
And dress a mesh of dandelion stems
To hem with daisy chains
Lazy days may still make hasty getaways
Replace todays with yesterdays
But they will soon perpetuate
Once rumoured of a better way
In the greater scheme of things
Success rate isn’t best placed to dictate the way we play within the cedar springs

Everything in life
Is ours to suture and commute aside confides a clue as to what view the future brings
Whether bluebirds sing
Depends entirely on perspective
And the mirror never lies
When we provide the light reflective
In our eyes
When we fly higher than requested
Spread our wings to span
Then spread them farther than we planned
For there are veins as yet untraced
Within the palms of our hands
Where everything in life
Is ours to charm and make grand

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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