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Garbage “Bleed Like Me”

Darkness is paint to me now
Seems somewhat quaint to me now
When pain comes a fleeting
I call a board meeting
And brief myself on its deplorable meaning
Let it have its say before more tasteful reconvening
As I lean to its embrace
To tease it out
With head in the clouds
And both feet on the ground
Darkness is paint to me now

Back then
I was broken
In pieces
Though deemed heedless
As needless things needled me ceaselessly
Keeping me close
While exceeding the dose
Openly gloating while forcefully feeding me
Raising vain toast
With a stem of the bleed from me
Back then
Felt hopeless

Breathing was shallow
Eyes narrowed before me
Writhing in shadow
Seemed frightfully gory
Formerly glory had drowned in such stories
Had to be lost to be found in such stories
Gather some rocks
From the grounds of such stories
And pound out the found out self doubt

Artistry then asked of me
To lead more deedful dance with me
Make needful
Needles glancing me
To bleed the sweetest psalms from me
Charming me alarmingly disarmed me of regard unseen
Arguably calmed me as my parting palms stigmata screamed
Teasing out darkness
To paint unframed masterpieces
Seemed to be a thesis more serene
Flirting with disaster
Only made my heart beat faster
Thus, I fast tracked back to every scar
And slapped on happy plaster

Still I was weeping
Auxiliaries seeping
Each pillory billowing
Near to defeated
Yet far too aware in its glare for receding
In darkness
I painted a scene

With head in the clouds
And both feet on the ground
Darkness feels somewhat less pained to me now
Nevermore harmed as my veins seep it out
In the now
Ever hopeful
For a light within glows
When I bleed

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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1 Comment

  1. Yes Lion!!! This is a journey I too relate with and love the song choice.

    “Artistry then asked of me
    To lead more deedful dance”

    – to write 💖 Even though the subjects can be dark, my avatar shows my face in the true light, smiling and feeling better and better 🌻

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