Immaculately High

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Tangerine Dream “Electron Bonfire”

She had otherworldly eyes
The kind compelled no swell of lies
Inclined to light night skies like blinding supernova
My heart had ne’er felt such surprise
As my lungs rushed to open wide
While I got high on her immaculate aroma

Over easy were the trees
To weep uniquely and appeased
To see her sweeping through the breeze
With an obscene degree of ease
‘Twas my belief that she exceeded dreams
Foreseen of sleeveless theme
Indeed this scene redeemed each evening on repeat

She was bleeding in a way
That had me heaving at the chain
To taste her season
Leaving not a vein undrained
For our unceasing serenade
Had featured very much the same
In every cycle
Through recital steeping flame

I died
And died
Then died again
Came back to life
To sign her name
Across same jaded skies
Nowise affrighted to be slain
For she invited each demise
To my e’er heightening delight
Her vital air declaring rightful heir survived

Roving through the richest yield
In evergreen
Of which appealed
The centerpiece revealed in fields of clover
Beating heart forever still
As my lungs elegantly filled
To get high on her immaculate aroma

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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1 Comment

  1. “Died and died and died again”, yes!!!!

    Beautiful intimate piece and makes me want to inhale the yellow blossoms of gorse bushes in the area of Scotland I felt so alive ❤

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