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Jimmy LaValle “Spring”

This smile of mine
Is genuine
I wear it with a sense of pride
My every heartbeat
By sensing where adventure lies

Search inside these gentle eyes
And memorize this smile of mine
Remember why
It idolizes
Knows not how to wear disguises
There can be no fairer prize
Than one true smile
That never dies
And thus I wear this smile of mine
With never-ending enterprise

Mesmerizing skies
It rises
Energizing stars delighting
Luminescent light
So bright
It heightens
Paints all kinds of fresh horizons
Leisurely each sense enlivens
Sensing where adventure lies
My every heartbeat sensualizes

This smile of mine
It empathizes
Knows when best to recognize
The need then to identify
A suchlike smile denied
Hide and seek
Then leads to peeking
Timely as worn floorboards creaking
Getting warm
With each smile fleeting
Edging forth
To find it
Keep it
Live it
Breathe it
Sow it
Reap it
Only takes one smile to mean it
Only takes one more to breed it
Open up our pores and bleed it
Every heartbeat sensualized
By sensing where adventure lies
And venturing
With smile
To some place scenic

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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