Aces Wild

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Chemical Brothers “Star Guitar”

All in at the river blind
To play the table one more time
All appraising
Poker face unchanging
Aces wild
Luck she be a lady on this night
Her royal flush
My dangerous delight

Would bet on black to taste her red
To trace the tracks of tears she bled
Adhere to years of retrospect
That led me here
In fever sped

Her heaving breast
A place to rest my head
For all eternity
Yet she need never hear a single word from me
To see the gift of ceaseless love returned by me

I yearn to seep within cracks of her skin
Double back to enrapture each vein underpinned
To amaze in the stature of one so unhinged
From the framework of secrets and lies

Her eyes relay no cheap mistruth
Her heart bleeds grape of sweet vermouth
Confiding seeds of deepest root
No wise man would deny

All of me
Is all I have to give
And I would give it all to see her live her life the way a reawakened child might play
All appraising
Face unchanging
Brave and wild
I would gamely fade to black
To hang my hat upon her fragrant smile
As has been the way
For every eon we reprise

All in at the river blind
To see the lady bathed in white
For she has claimed a place inside
This liberated heart of mine
Tantalizing every part of me inclined
To venerate a masterpiece
To braid each waking artery in twine
As we reprise our timeless maiden flight

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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