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Beloved “The Sun Rising (Instrumental)”

Imagine a door
Walk through it
Dream an ideal
Go pursue it
View it through eyes
Crystal clear as blue skies
Spare a thought
For the child
Who outgrew it
Do it
Or else you might rue it
Run to the sun
Become fluid

Imagine a world
Let the banner unfurl
To reveal your impassioned creation
Be a boy
Be a girl
Feed the taproot of that wild imagination
Be astute
Be aloof
See a crime
Be a sleuth
Shoot the stars
En route to marginless migration
Imagine a place
Where you feel safe to entertain
Bereft the stress to break your concentration

Imagine reawakening
At riverside
Feel dignified to wade the stream
Where nature breathes
The same way facing
Chasing breeze
Playfully proceed
Make haste to shade beneath the tree most spacious
Taste its weeping sap
Be unchained
Be flirtatious
Turning pages
Lick your finger
Let it linger
Play dead ringer
Be courageous
Break the stasis
Take it places

Imagine a way
To play freely ideally
Greater prizes for nearly
For a child who tries sincerely
Bleary eyes aside
The wider the better
Decides the go-getter
No regrets
To slow the jets
No remorse
To grope the thoughts
No expression overwrought
No life lesson overtaught
Imagine a way
To play freely ideally
And be the kid who nearly gets caught
For a child who tries sincerely
Never really gets caught

Imagine a door
Walk through it
And I’ll see you the next time you’re fluid

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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