Portrait in Broken Glass

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Goblin “Suspiria (Celesto & Bells)”

I walk barefoot cross broken glass
Grasping faded photographs

Portraits of a chime long pass’d
Each a timeless work of art
Yet, evanescing fast

My bleeding heart
Tis opencast
Protruding part
Of noble class

Hath come to this place
To expiate
The coup de grâce

Howbeit, per chance I stand elate
Walk barefoot cross broken glass
Unperturbed by sloping path

Approaching mine appointed date
Assigned to fate… yet…

The line I saunter
Flaunts serpentine slither
Hath rasp to its tone
As it hisses
Come hither

The crops all about me
Doth starve thence to wither
Crisp autumn leaves
Be all a quiver

The most curious of river
Runneth to mine left
And mine legs of tire
Doth nowise question

I walk barefoot cross broken glass
Hither in the lank green grass
This riverbank serene I glance
Thro shadowed ill
A light doth cast

On Hangmans Hill
Betwixt paired oaks
Be pendent
Twain ropes
This made to measure duet
Devoid of borrow’d hope

I walk barefoot cross broken glass
The rivers red
Mine bled feet

Mine photographs
Nowise be grasp’d
Fading not whilst
Sailing pass’d
Yet, ne’er to pass

Hath come to this place
To jubilate
To brace each wave
To stand elate

My bleeding heart
Hath forged rampart
Protruding part
Midst infrangible armour

The vermilion river
Side the left-bearing path
Hath led me to thee
Shalt ne’er tear us apart

This bleeding heart
Of mine
Tis sempiternal
Tis thine
Portrait of a chime ne’er pass’d
Our timeless work of art

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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