Running With Scissors

Running With Scissors was inspired by the complete works of my all-time favourite band, Liverpool-based new age electronica pioneers, Ladytron. It aims to recreate their broken glass lyrical style, telling the kind of tale synonymous to their output, through similarly sporadic flourish. Featured art is by Alexandra Goncharova. Suggested audio by Helen Marnie is available to purchase here.

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Marnie “Lost Maps”

running with scissors
playing with knives
blunt trauma honesty
paper cut lies
paper kite heartstrings
pay per view eyes
razor wire smiles
in a state of denial

hive mentality
siding with apathy
whistle stop gallantry
little but pageantry
prised apart
vital parts
tribal scars marking
the tracks of abstracted catastrophe

impacted cavities
fracturing passively
rapture free baptistery
subtracted rhapsody
redacted massively
actioning blasphemy
nature’s fatalities
over capacity
hungover casualties
waiting for amnesty
swung over gravel pits

reverting to type
when uncertain of why
purging earth bleeds
beneath virginal skies
whittling slack to a workable size
quick to cut back interpersonal ties
hurting for urgency
playing for time
curfews as tight
as remaining supplies

running with scissors
playing with knives
blunt trauma honesty
paper cut lies
paper kite heartstrings
pay per view eyes
scissor kiss lips
belie razor wire smiles
making their way
to stand trial
still in a state of denial

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. “blunt trauma honesty” – LOVE THIS 👏🏻

    Excellent poem and I have Ladytron in my Spotify following list so will give them a listen to. What’s your favourite song Lion? 🐭

    1. My all-time darlings are Tomorrow and Melting Ice, but there are so many others besides that enchant me. Every album is white gold and also check out Helen Marnie’s solo albums as they are similarly transcendental. I am hooked on their 2019 self-titled album at present, particularly Until The Fire, Deadzone, Figurine, and The Mountain. Prepare to be transported to another time and place.

      1. Hope you’re enjoying your journeys. I can’t get enough of The Island now. I love how repeat plays switch favourites with such regularity. That being said, I believe it is the overall standout track. Takes me the farthest.

    2. Also, I’m so thrilled you love this. It uses a bullet train approach, which I know you favour also. I love the idea of scattering prose like electronic fridge magnets and really enjoyed writing this. Having listened to Ladytron at bedtime last night, their energy was already flowing through me as I woke today. Thus, I painted it into the kind of abstract piece they have delighted me with so many times.

      1. They’re excellent in their style fusion, I listened to them on shuffle mode. Another great thing to come out of Liverpool. Savage writing is great fun and definitely gets the message across like a sniper shot between the eyes.

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