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Ladytron “Until The Fire”

Far and away
From the trail of destruction
Ablaze in the wake
Of divine deconstruction
The flame of a brave unafraid of reduction
Is famed for its native design

Calling the fallen to save them a mauling
And all in to savour their rise
Sworn in to favour the tall tales regaled
From the whites of eyes
Prized revised faith of the blind
Days once resigned
Are reprised in the nightfall
Behind the candelabra
Harbours ardour for recital
Charmed to flicker quicker than the fickle and the frightful
Armed with the provisions to provisionally entitle
Revision of ambition
Phase transition to revival
Acquisition of indigenous volition to survival

Far and away
From the waves of obstruction
Afloat in the moat
Of emotive deduction
The hope of a brave of unchanging instruction
Is famed for its native design

From past life to last light
It’s all in the archive
The light of prevail hailing trail to my dark side
A far cry from frail
Though my pale skin is ageing
For inside a mighty inferno it rages
Bleeding breeding flame across remaining journal pages
With a clue as to where slew of bloom rejuvenating faith is

Far and away
From the dead space of stasis
Astride the tidal waves
I spy an isle of smiling faces
The flames of braves alike alight in veins likewise brocaded
Are famed for their native design
In the whites of eyes
Prized with the faith of the blind
I’m sworn in to savour reprise
All fallen braves claimed aim to rise
Thus I take the reins to ride brave by their side

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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