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Ladytron “The Island”

i wear this smile
from yesterwhile
declare myself undressed awhile
wrought flesh caressed
thoughts dressed abreast
of north, south, east and western isles

i wear this heart
expressed through art
upon my chest
with vesture cleft
to snatch a breath
or catch my death
before i get to set apart
the masterpiece
my arteries weep freely to impart
before sincerely end commences start

i bleed this cardiac grenade
to flash and clear
the tumors
of a wounded yet impassioned cavalier
i bleed this heart of mine
in half the time it takes
to fashion faith
i bleed this heart of mine
to room him near

i wear this gown
no fretful frown
to crown atop my gaze
sink not in grief
for all fall down
has never been my way

the day i die
i aim to fly
will brave the life
to see beyond the naked eye
unaided and with feeling

i need to feel
for lesions heal
once we seek ways to break the seal
seek a place to hide inside
give rise to heat no age could chill
take the wheel
then drive and drive
until the road
parades no lights
turn off the ignition
and persist to kiss audacious skies

i wavered rights
to be myself
when i declined to see myself
it took some time to free myself
a lifetime to redeem myself
the noble prize was mine to claim
despite the underlying pain
for life in kind reminded me
of how to feel alive again

i wear this smile
from yesterwhile
declare myself undressed awhile
i wear this smile
with guile and grace
to reacquaint my eyes
with face
can see again
the naked flame
ablaze of distant tides
i wear this smile
to play admissive guide
to the one place
i wish reside
of north, south, east and western isles
i wear this blessèd smile

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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    1. I love that you cherry picked that line as it felt like a sweet spot when bleeding this verse last year. The artwork really caught my eye when I happened upon it. And to think, I very nearly trashed this poem a couple of weeks ago. I thought it wasn’t up to snuff and then decided to go back and touch it up a little. Really pleased that I gave it the light and air.

      The Island by Ladytron is an unusual choice of audio by me here, as the tone of the lyrics conflict with the message of the verse. With this one, I just adore the place that song takes the listener to and the way it builds so exquisitely. Has become one of my favourite Ladytron tracks now. And the official video is quietly gorgeous. So much love Mouse.

      1. Just as well it wasn’t trashed!! A few tweaks and off you roar 🦁 You’ve truly nailed it with your lyrical flow, my fingers dance as I read like Brittany Murphy’s did in Don’t Say A Word 🎶

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