The Introverted Extrovert

The Introverted Extrovert was written in April 2019 and has previously been published in All of Me Vol. VI, courtesy of Shadow Spark Publishing. 

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Porcupine Tree “Trains”

Come see the inside of my view
Peek through the blinds
You will see the sunlight passing through
Peer through veneer
At the queer souvenir
Of hundreds of years seen anew
Through widest eyes piercingly blue
Reprising horizons
Appraising each wave
As the brave tide she rises
And breaks from her chains
Lending the balm for her aches and her pains
Claim staked on the heart of a masterpiece plain

Smiling at strangers on trains just in passing
Persuading they feast on remains of the day
Not my place changing the name of the game
My sole aim is to play the same way
Let them see what I see when I see them fade to grey
Masquerading every colour rainbows pave the lanes
State persuasive case for chasing dreams long staved away
Remind them of the shades they still parade

Face abrasive demons that creep beneath the grate
Take the reins bleeding hate and placate
Make haste rebuffing in most certain terms false claims they may suffer same fate
Tell tall tales to raise morale
Upgrading to fable as faith regains weight
Fame the great gate
Await there patiently
Never once wastefully
Gazing on vacantly
Take every chance to advance through the green grass of seraphim
Administer adrenaline when self-esteem needs medicine
State persuasive case to not just chase their dreams but better them
Set fresh scene as seen through eyes of veteran

Come see the inside of my view
With so much ado you could do with the touch of another soul governed entirely by truth
With me you need never assume
For I will provide you the most concise view
To the true blue of grace in full bloom
No gods to disgrace
For I lend them no face
Much less the embrace they denied me
Gazing at skies was a waste of sweet time
When the starlight resided inside me
Now it sparkles akin to the diamonds within the most winsome of crowns held devoutly
And all I see are kings and queens about me

Come see the inside of my view
See the world through the eyes that prize sight of the light within shade every time the day fades
There’s a pearl in the shell of the oyster that cloisters
A flame in the eyes of a phoenix in rising
A queer souvenir
Herein every horizon reprising
A tear within these eyes of mine
Bled hundreds of years seen anew
I’m a bicycle made to seat two
Come see the inside of my view

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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