From Reason To Rhyme

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Emancipator “Natural Cause”

the day reason gave way to rhyme
was a great day to pave way from mayday to heyday
in ways that my brave face complied
made haste to the great gate
and lifted my veil
in the same way engaging as bride
in a way
yet survived by remaining
the same highway facing

far and away
racing pain then migrated
the day reason gave way to rhyme
have to say
faith aside
it felt brave
at the time
to embrace the aged flame
in plain sight

reawaken in flight
maintain height
while delighting
the mightiest blaze
e’er proclaimed to ignite in eyes gazing
appraising cascading daylight
while remaining engaged to the night

the day reason gave way to rhyme
was a great day to placate the skies
to vacate fate’s narration contrived
from the fray of a tapering mind
take vacation and hasten refine
stake a claim to this place
make it mine
have to say
it felt brave
at the time
faith aside
to create
when endangered of kind
in a way
i prevailed gale
to hail its reprise
only now
with the favour of height
still the mainstay of each season chimed
as i vacated reason for rhyme

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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