Don’t Sweat It

Don’t Sweat It is a poem about the healing power of forgiveness. Featured art is by Mario Sánchez Nevado.

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Phaeleh “Lament”

Apology accepted
And with all the power vested me
I perch here upon bended knee
To see you exponentially arise

Hereby no sight requested leave
To pester me snowblind
My line of sight has seldom been so blessèdly concise
I see you
After all this time
Request no blight befall you
For destiny my wide eyes shine in thrall to

You ought to be rewarded
For the pains each vein transported
To the one place long purported to be broken
This token unrecorded of the beat surcease once brokered
Is wide open to redeem and reinvention

Should angels care to mention
Essence centuries unspoken
Then for all deemed misadventures
There’s an endless sea of hopeful dreams afloat

Slow hands may have groped
Howbeit, no man’s land was grand
The robes of understanding
That this need not cloak your standing

To be damned
Is not your fate
Awaiting pending execution
For judgment calls are tools for fools to fall for false illusion
The cause affects effects of devils reveled in collusion
And herein lies the riddle of contusion

Bleed out hatred
Breathe out naked air declared no rage
For deep within the lair
The beast abates
Life can be a steeplechase
Said tortoise to the hare
With all the patience of a saint to win the race

Apology accepted
And with all the power vested me
I wish the very best to thee
Pray for sweet release to ease the pain
No blame for I abstain from keeping any less than faith
That one fine day
You may just choose to do the same

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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