The Weeping Estuary

The original version of The Weeping Estuary has previously been published in All of Me Vol. III, courtesy of Shadow Spark Publishing. Featured art is by Cyril Rolando.

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Frankie Knuckles Presents Satoshi Tomiie “Tears”

So bare is my heart
When declaring through art
Pressing hard on my chest as it beats
So much to impart
From the fairest of parts
Depending how gently it weeps

So cold is the flesh taking hold of my bones
Within grip of condolences frozen
Dictated or chosen
I’m dangerously close to the sorrows that choke me unspoken
Phalanges philandering openly grope
Pandering not to the sobering notes owed to throes of climactic revolt

Slow hands caressing the sum of all fears
Would see me undone to recover arrears
Scoff at my privacy
Rip off the finery
Sip from the winery
Strip to the ivory
Steal every tear in entirety
Sign deeds to the bleed seen retiring me

So bare is my heart
When undressed of compliance
Free to confide all the secrets inside
Sweeping aside every grievance contrived from the demonized blight of subsidence
Heartbeat willingly filling the cracks in the factor of fracturing silence

So fair is my heart
When playing for keeps
So steep is the tide underneath my tired eyes
Dictated or chosen
I’m feverishly close to the hopes and dreams graced as a child
Chased them while sleeping
Misplaced them awake
Until traces of nature prevailed
Tenaciously lifted the whispering veil
Leaving trail of true faith in its wake

My lips
No longer pale
No longer ashen
Now bleed kiss unveiled
Regaled in throng of passion
So bare is my heart
Thus I wear it upon my lapel with compassionate swell
Whispering drift of each kiss now enraptured to tell

Why deny the part of me disarmed by charmed embrace
Why shed tears of yesteryear through eyes belying face
Sooner come here
To this time
To this place
Bare naked in dream
Share divinely embrace
While said eyes reacquaint with my face

So bare is my heart
When declaring through art
Pressing hard on my chest as it beats
So much to impart
From the fairest of parts
Whereby gently the estuary weeps

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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